Electronic WPCG Form

The following companies have WPCG approval to use an electronic version of the WPCG clearance form.

CompanyValid until
Atlantic Plumbing ServicesNovember 2019
City Facilities ManagementJanuary 2019
Cushman & WakefieldSeptember 2019
Direct Data & ElectricalJanuary 2020
ECL Group Australia Pty LtdNovember 2018
Gilbarco Australia Pty LtdAugust 2019
Global Facilities MaintenanceDecember 2019
Good Sight Company LtdNovember 2019
Move Yourself Trailer Hire Pty LtdDecember 2018
O’Brien GlassNovember 2019
Petrol Services AustraliaJuly 2019
Skyline Electricsl NSW Pty LtdJanuary 2020
Smokeshield Australia Pty LtdJanuary 2020
Tank Security (Qld) Pty LtdJanuary 2020
Wash Tec Australia Pty LtdJanuary 2019

COMING SOON:  The WPCG will be providing all current WPCG accredited contractors with access to electronic versions of the Work Clearance and Minimum Controls Checklists. Once available these will be accessed and completed online via the contractors individual WPCG login, and will have the ability to be emailed or printed to a pdf file upon completion.

If your company needs to be able to convert the WPCG Clearance and Minor Work Control Checklists to an electronic format for use within your own company systems,  you will need to read the terms and conditions and complete the application form.

Step 1: Complete the following information and return to enquiries@wpcg.com.au

Step 2: An invoice will be sent to you for the annual licence fee of $544.50 inclGST

Step 3: You will be sent a copy of the forms for you to convert to your system.

Step 4: Provide WPCG access, copies or screenshots of the electronic forms that your company have created for approval.

Click here to download the application form.

For enquiries please contact   enquiries@wpcg.com.au