Electronic WPCG Form

The following companies have WPCG approval to use an electronic version of the WPCG clearance form.

CompanyValid untilComments 
Atlantic Plumbing ServicesNovember 2020
BGISAugust 2020
Cushman & WakefieldSeptember 2020
DCI ServicesOctober 2020Work Clearance only
Direct Data & ElectricalJanuary 2020
Gilbarco Australia Pty LtdAugust 2020
Global Facilities MaintenanceDecember 2020
Hoss Engineering & Maintenance ServiceMarch 2020Work Clearance Only
Maxey Plumbing Pty LtdJuly 2020Work Clearance only
Move Yourself Trailer Hire Pty LtdMarch 2020
O’Brien GlassNovember 2020
Petrol Services AustraliaJuly 2020
Skyline Electrical NSW Pty LtdJanuary 2020
Smokeshield Australia Pty LtdJanuary 2020
Tank Security (QLD) Pty LtdJanuary 2020
WSP Services Pty LtdApril 2020

If your company is interested in obtaining licence to use an electronic version of the WPCG clearance form, please download the application form, complete and return to enquiries@wpcg.com.au

Price Rises

Please be advised that we will be increasing our prices generally by 1.8%, effective 1st December 2019.