WPCG Minimum controls

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WPCG Accreditation

What is the WPCG accreditation?

The WPCG accreditation is not an induction, it is the accreditation required for contractors to be able to self issue a WPCG form when conducting low risk work on the oil company sites.

What is involved in getting the WPCG accreditation?

The individual attends a one day training course and then completes an online assessment. The accreditation is valid for two years after which you can maintain your accreditation by completing the online refresher prior to your expiry date.

Does everyone in the work crew need the accreditation?

As a minimum, at least one person on the work crew requires the accreditation. That individual must remain on site at all times. If for any reason they need to leave, they must hand over their responsibilities under the WPCG process to another WPCG accredited individual, or the work must stop.

If my WPCG accreditation has expired, can I just do the online refresher course?

No, you will need to complete the face-to-face training course again.

Do I need to complete training before working on live sites? Is training just to make people more aware and educated about working on lives sites, or is it essential to complete the course?

Only clients can decide whether contractors or subcontractors need to be accredited before taking on work.

Is it a WorkCover requirement to have the training?

WPCG Clearance Training is not required by OHS/WHS law. Some clients require contractors to be accredited when working on their sites (bp, Ampol, Viva Energy).

Do I require the WPCG accreditation for decommissioning works?

You will need to approach your client company regarding their requirements. The WPCG members (bp, Ampol, Viva Energy) do require use of the WPCG clearance form for all decommissioning works.

Our company has WPCG accreditation, can we use the WPCG logo on our website?

The WPCG accreditation is an individual accreditation, it is not a company accreditation. You may use the WPCG logo on your website so long as you do not imply or state that the business is WPCG accredited. It is acceptable for you to state that you have technicians that are WPCG accredited. Contact WPCG administration to obtain a copy of the logo for use.

How do I find out if an individual is accredited?

You can find current WPCG accredited contractors on our website. Please note, not all contractors have chosen to list their details.

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I need a new card, what do I do?

You can arrange to receive a new card by contacting us. A replacement fee of $AU5.00 applies.

WPCG Clearance Pads

How many clearance forms per pad?

Each pad has 30 forms.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders will be dispatched within 1-2 days of receipt of payment.

Can I still use the AIP clearance forms?

No, you may not use the clearance forms branded AIP. You must now only use the WPCG clearance forms.

How long do completed forms need to be kept for after the work has been completed?

You will need to check your documentation retention requirements with your client as each company has their own internal requirements. Some of the companies require it to be sent in as part of invoicing to confirm that the process has been followed.

Are the WPCG forms controlled documents?

The forms are controlled documents, hence you need to order books from the WPCG or get a software licence to confirm you are using an approved digital version of the form. You are not permitted to make unauthorised copies of the form.


How do I book into a training class?

You need to book online. Simply head to the Login or Register page and create an account. Fill in your details and select the “Issuer” box when choosing an accreditation option. After clicking on submit, you will receive an email with your Unique ID. It may take up to 2 hours to receive your email. Login with your Unique ID and password, and book your chosen class via the My Training menu option in the system.

I don’t need the accreditation myself, but I do need to register people from my organisation. How do I book people into the course?

Create an account but choose the profile “Company Representative”. This profile will allow you to Register New Users, and book and pay for people in your organisation via the Manage My People section.

Company Trainer

*** The company trainer methodology is currently under review and therefore the acceptance of applications is on hold until that review is complete. ***

What is expected of the WPCG Company Trainers?

Approved company trainers are able to train all personnel within their company. Training of subcontractors is not permitted unless approval obtained on a case by case basis. The company trainer must attend the WPCG issuer course and then the additional trainer component after the issuer course. The company trainer will be provided with the WPCG issuer training package. They must deliver the package that is provided, using all the material including powerpoint presentation, facilitator and learner guides. The training must be conducted in a face to face setting and takes an absolute minimum of 4-5 hours to run.

Are there any pre-requisites to be a company trainer?

Yes, the WPCG group have determined the minimum guidelines that must be met for someone to teach the WPCG course. You must be able to show evidence of training ability and have a minimum of 2 years of experience in working on oil companies’ facilities.

What type of training ability are you looking for?

WPCG training programs are conducted in a classroom environment and include compulsory activities. As teaching skills are not taught in the WPCG Issuer/Trainers Course and training can take from 5-10 hours to complete, it is a requirement that WPCG trainers have basic teaching knowledge.

How do I go about applying to be a company trainer?

When you create your account, you will need to choose the “Company Trainer” option and then fill out the application form. Your application will need to be approved by administration before you can book into a course. This can take up to 48 hours.

Can I train subcontractors?

The WPCG prefers subcontractors receive face-to-face training with a WPCG training provider. However, in exceptional circumstances and when certain guidelines are followed, it is possible to train your own subcontractors. Click here to view the guidelines and request form.

Can I train individuals via Skype?

The WPCG preference is always for face to face training. They will consider on a case by case basis the need to train by video conferencing, but this must be approved by the WPCG , not decided by the company trainer. Training via phone is not accepted under any circumstances.

Are there any costs for training individuals that I train up as the WPCG Company Trainer?

There is a fee of $66 (incl GST) for each individual trained by a company trainer to access the online assessment.