Minimum Control Checklists


As you are all aware on the oil companies retail sites and depots, low risk work is controlled through the use of the WPCG work clearance form. For high risk work, each oil company then has a permitting system which requires an accredited Permit Officer.

In between the low risk work and the high risk work is that work that has sufficient risk that requires additional controls, but is not significant enough to require a work permit.

The WPCG are currently finalising three minimum controls checklists to help fill this gap. These are:

  1. Minor Ground Disturbance
  2. Minor Work at Height
  3. Minor Hot Work

These checklists support the WPCG clearance form and are still self issued by the WPCG accredited issuer. They provide guidance on the additional controls required to enable the work to be undertaken without a Work Permit.

The WPCG clearance form will be amended to support the use of the checklists. These forms will be made available over the next few months. You will be able to continue to purchase the WPCG clearance form via our website. The minimum controls checklists will be available to download at no cost via the WPCG website.

Please note:

  • Current WPCG accredited issuers will get the information on the checklists by completing a brief online bridging course, which will be made available at no cost.
  • The online refresher will also be updated with the new material.
  • The face to face training course will be amended. All company trainers will receive a copy of the new course material once they have completed the online bridging course.
  • After the launch of the WPCG Minimum Controls Checklists, you will be able to continue to perform low risk work using just the WPCG Work Clearance Form and your existing WPCG accreditation training, provided it does not require the supplementary use of the Minimum Controls Checklists.
  • You will NOT be able to use the new Minimum Controls Checklists until you have completed the bridging course covering these new requirements.
  • Existing WPCG Member Oil Company work permit systems will continue to apply for high risk work.
  • Once you are trained in these new WPCG Minimum Control Checklists you will not need to utilise the previous BP and Caltex equivalents. BP and Caltex may withdraw the use of their previous forms after a transition period. The relevant oil company will provide more information on any such arrangements.


For more information please read through the Minimum Control Checklists Frequently Asked Questions. If you require clarification contact us at WPCG enquiries on 03 9399 8002.