Accredited Clearance Issuers / Permit Officers

The following two tables list all current WPCG Clearance Issuers and WPCG Permit Officers. The table also identifies if the contractor has completed the Minimum Control Checklist Bridging Course (Min.), or the new Permit to Work Bridging Course (PTW).

Instructions: you may narrow your search by typing all the search terms you are looking for separated by a space. For example, if you are looking for all plumbing trades in NSW you would type in the search field “plumbing nsw”. It will then filter out all instances of plumbing and nsw. You can also search for contractors via their WPCG ID.

If you are an accredited contractor but your name does not appear on the list below, please check your privacy settings in your user profile before contacting us. The WPCG accreditation is valid for 2 years.


Check status of all Clearance Issuers and Permit Officers here. Search is limited to WPCG ID only.


Only current Clearance issuers that have completed the “PTW Bridging Course for Work Clearance Issuers” are able to perform the role of Permit Receiver or Permit Endorser if nominated by the Permit Officer.


Only current Permit Officers that have completed the “PTW Bridging Course for Permit Officers” are able to issue WPCG Work Permits.