WPCG Clearance Issuer Course

Cost $AU400 (inclGST)

The Issuer course covers the roles and responsibilities of the WPCG Clearance Issuer. Successful completion will enable you to issue the WPCG Work Clearance form and the Minimum Controls Checklists which allows you to conduct lower risk work on the oil company’s sites. The accreditation is valid for 2 years, after which you can maintain your accreditation by completing the online refresher.

There is a 1 hour pre-learning course that must be completed prior to attending the course. After the course there is an online assessment that must be completed successfully to attain the accreditation. The online assessment must be completed within 2 months of attending the course.

To register for this training course, simply head to the Login or Register page to create an account. Choose the “Issuer” option on your profile and within 2 hours you will receive an email with your Unique ID. You can use this Unique ID and your password to log into your account to book your course. Simply select the My Training menu option on your User Profile.

WPCG Clearance Issuer Refresher

Cost $AU112 (inclGST)

All current accredited clearance issuers may maintain their accreditation by completing the online refresher. The refresher is available via the My Training section of your profile.

WPCG Permit Officer Course

Cost $AU1140.00 (inclGST)

The Permit Officer course covers the roles and responsibilities of the WPCG Permit Officer. To obtain accreditation you must attend a 2 day face-to-face training course, complete an online test, complete 6 buddy work permits with an accredited Permit Officer on WPCG member sites and complete a desktop and field assessment.

Pre-requisites are:

  • current accredited WPCG Clearance Issuer
  • minimum two years oil industry experience or another industry with equivalent work permitting requirements
  • completed pre-requisite national units of competency, conducted by a registered training organization, for Confined Space Entry (MSMPER205 or RIIWHS202D), and Work safely at heights (RIIWHS204D) within the last 2 years
  • completed pre-requisite national units of competency for gas testing (MSMWHS217), conducted by a registered training organization, or demonstrated equivalent gas tester competency via completion of alternative training delivered by another organization which has been authorised in writing and accepted by WPCG within the last 2 years

To apply, login to your account and choose the “Permit Officer” icon, fill in the application form and then submit. We will then get in contact with you with the date of the next course.

WPCG Permit Officer Refresher

Cost $AU345.00 (inclGST)

All current accredited permit officers maintain their accreditation by

  • completing an online refresher
  • submitting 6 permits and 6 high risk certificates prepared for one of the WPCG member oil companies, with associated documentation for a desktop audit (for senior permit officers, 2 of these must be permits/certificates that can only be issued by a Senior Permit Officer as per the WPCG Activity Matrix)
  • completion of a practical assessment on a WPCG member oil company site

Links to access the refresher, submit your documents for the desktop review and book into a field assessment are available via the My Training section of your profile 3 months prior to expiry.

WPCG Permit Officer Transition to Senior Permit Officer

Cost $AU264(inclGST)

To progress to Senior Permit Officer, the following additional requirements are required for any Permit Officer.

  1. Applicants having completed MSMPER205 – Enter confined space or RIIWHS202D – Enter and work in confined spaces, within last 3 years.
  2. Applicants having completed MSMWHS216 – Operate breathing apparatus
  3. Applicants having completed MSMWHS217 – Gas test atmospheres or equivalent accepted by WPCG
  4. Minimum 2 buddy permits that meet the requirements for a Senior Permit officer as per the  WPCG Activity Matrix
  5. Final assessment by WPCG in the field as per Permit Officer refresher at a Senior Permit Officer level

Note: This may be completed as part of a Permit Officers 2 yearly reaccreditation

Course Calendar

All our upcoming training classes are in the calendar below. The number of seats left is indicated.  Click here to see instructions on how to book into a course.

Due to covid 19, we are currently unable to run any of the courses we had scheduled. We are currently working hard to get the course set up so that we can deliver it via a virtual classroom. This facility should be available just after Easter. To register your interest in attending a virtual classroom, please email and once we have dates we will let you know. Please don’t phone regarding the virtual classroom as we are experiencing higher than usual phone calls at present.

Once set up, we will post all the virtual classroom dates available here.


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