Licensed Training Provider

In the past a WPCG Company Trainer program has been in operation and up to 800 trainers were registered under the program. Expansion of the Company Trainer program ceased mid 2017 to allow a review of the program. Based on audits of trainers and incidents, it was clear the level of training, quality of training and competence of contractors trained under this program was inconsistent and in some cases did not meet the required standard.

The WPCG recognise there is a need to provide an efficient program for larger organisations with many employees. However the overall quality of training needs to improve, especially for a program delivering safety related content. The new program is under the banner of Licenced Training Provider (LTP). Organisations will be licenced to provide Work Clearance Issuer training, by their own trainers, to their own staff. The LTP model focuses on a Company Licence relationship, not the individual Trainer, with WPCG.

Click here to see the letter from the WPCG Management Group outlining what you need to know about the structure of the new program.

To qualify as an LTP, your organisation will need to provide evidence of company policies, standards or procedures that outline how the organisation maintains quality training and assessment practices. The organisation will need to agree to implement the training on specific terms and conditions as outlined in a Licenced Agreement.

Trainers must meet minimum training qualifications and experience.:

  • Minimum of 2 years experience as a trainer (preferable in safety or petroleum field)
  • Minimum Cert IV in training and assessment
  • Minimum 5 years experience in downstream petroleum industry or equivalent

The LTP may only train employees of the LTP (including all branches and locations of the organisation across Australia) to be a Work Clearance Issuer. The LTP may not train Permit Officers, all Permit Officers must be trained by the WPCG directly.

Approval to train subcontractors is provided as outlined in the following document: Guidelines for Training of Subcontractors

LTP fees are as follows:

Annual Licence Fee of $4400 incGSTThe LTP company will be subject to desktop evaluation and an annual practical observation/audit of the training being delivered. All training material will be provided.
Fee per participant trained $88 incGSTThis provides for access for all users to the online system to complete the accreditation, card and online certificate and access to eForms.

LTP Webinar – Introductions

The following webinar was held on 26th June 2019. We covered the LTP processes and reviewed the changes to the course which now incorporate the permit to work material.

To obtain the password, contact WPCG enquiries:

phone: (03) 9399 8002


Price Rises

Please be advised that we will be increasing our prices generally by 1.8%, effective 1st December 2019.