Electronic WPCG Form

The WPCG provide an electronic version of the work clearance and minimum control forms. These are available at no cost to all accredited contractors.

The advantages of using our forms:

  • Users always have the most current version of the forms
  • There are checks in the forms to help ensure the required fields are filled in
  • The forms are available anywhere there is mobile connectivity, no more forgetting or running out of forms
  • The history of all forms is kept
  • The user can print or send a PDF copy of the completed form
  • Warnings when a form is left open by mistake

Things to consider

  • The forms are only available where there is mobile connectivity
  • Users must have an electronic device with internet connection. Tablets are ideal, phones can be used. Note: these are considered Hot Work and if used inside hazardous areas will also require a Minor Hot Work Checklist (certificate) with gas testing.

Instructions for using the electronic forms can be found on our resources link from the home page.

If the WPCG electronic form does not suit your needs, an electronic licence is available for those companies that would like to integrate electronic work clearance and minimum control forms within their own systems. Requirements to maintain the WPCG electronic licence is:

  • payment of an annual licence fee to WPCG
  • licence is not transferrable to other companies
  • provide evidence of your companies internal audit process which ensures compliance in using the correct forms
  • provide annually three completed form sets for auditing
  • work permit and high risk certificates are not included

To apply please download the application form complete and return to enquiries@wpcg.com.au


The following version of forms are only allowed under the electronic licence agreement:
a. Work Clearance Form (v5 01/10/2021)
b. Minor Ground Disturbance Checklist (v4 01/10/2021)
c. Minor Work at Height Checklist (v3 01/10/2021)
d. Minor Hot Work Checklist (v3 01/10/2021)

CompanyValid untilApproved to use Forms
Americo & SonsJanuary 2023 Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Atlantic Plumbing ServicesNovember 2022Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Avem QuirksFebruary 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
BGISAugust 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
BSA MaintainJune 2023Work Clearance
Cushman & WakefieldSeptember 2021Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
DCI ServicesOctober 2022Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Direct Data & ElectricalJanuary 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Frigtech Services Pty LtdJune 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Gilbarco Australia Pty LtdAugust 2022Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Global Facilities MaintenanceDecember 2022Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Goldstar ElectricalDecember 2022Work Clearance
Good Sight Australia Pty LtdNovember 2022Work Clearance
Image SelectDecember 2022 Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Jetstream ElectricalJanuary 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Maxey Plumbing Pty LtdJuly 2023Work Clearance
MoffatJanuary 2023Work Clearance
Move Yourself Trailer Hire Pty LtdMarch 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Nqpetro Pty LtdSeptember 2023Work Clearance
O’Brien GlassNovember 2022Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
The PSA Group of Companies Pty LtdJanuary 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Skyline Electrical NSW Pty LtdJanuary 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Smokeshield Australia Pty LtdJanuary 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Tank Security (QLD) Pty LtdJanuary 2023Work Clearance
Total Ventilation HygieneFebruary 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Town & Country Electrical & LPG Services Pty LtdJuly 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
VentiaJune 2023Work Clearance
Wash Tec Australia Pty LtdJanuary 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
Williams Fuel System Pty LtdSeptember 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls
WSP Services Pty LtdApril 2023Work Clearance & Minimum Controls