WPCG Guidelines for Training of Subcontractors

(issued 9th June 2014)

The WPCG prefers subcontractors to receive face-to-face training with a WPCG training provider. However, in exceptional circumstances when certain guidelines are followed, you can train your own subcontractors:

Allowed Not Allowed
WPCG Administration Approval (JulSen Consulting) Receive approval through email that subcontractors can be trained No training of subcontractors without prior written approval by WPCG Administration (JulSen Consulting)
Training of Subcontractors At the time of training, the subcontractor is directly employed by your company to work for Oil company clients AND your company has a Service Agreement or Purchase Order in place with that subcontractor Subcontractors cannot train their own subcontractors
Fee for training No fee is charged Subcontractors must not be charged for training
Location of Subcontractors Regionally based subcontractors (i.e. in any area greater than 150km from a WPCG Training Venue) Less than 150km from a WPCG Training Venue
Training method Face-to-face using the Training Materials provided by WPCG Training Provider (JulSen Consulting) Over the phone
Company Trainer Must be employed by the Contractor No subcontracting of Company Trainers
Online Assessment Subcontractor must register and complete the online assessment to attain accreditation Subcontractor is NOT WPCG accredited if they FAIL or do not complete the online assessment
WPCG Audit WPCG retains the right to conduct audits as required to ensure that these guidelines are being followed

To apply to train subcontractors, you must submit the following form in writing to enquiries@wpcg.com.au, each subcontractor’s address and the reason why your company wishes to train them.

Request to train subcontractors

Additional Information (If not all requirements can be met above and you would still like to apply to train the subcontractor, outline your reasons)